Looked into somebody's private life: security clearance concern?

If the background investigation simply marks that I “looked into somebody’s private life” without mentioning any specific details, could this form a security clearance concern?

Refer to topic Personal conduct problem at work for answers to your already asked questions.

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Yes, you are clearly a clearance concern.

It is a different question. I am pretty sure now that if all the details about the situation are presented to the adjudicator, my case can definitely adjudicated. However, what I am asking here is that if no details are provided for “looked into somebody’s private life”, will the adjudicator send me a SOR in order to eliminate any concerns about the situation?

Then, what specifically the clearance concern could be? Can somebody itermize it, assuming no details are provided with the only one statement “I looked into somebody’s private”?

The concern is that you keep asking the same questions over and over and seem quite mentally unstable.