Personal conduct problem at work

Could it be a security clearance concern if I searched somebody online casually in my spare time after all the advances he made on me at work? The search result was that he was actually dating somebody else deeply (already been a BF and GF relationship) at the time he made all the advances on me in the office. Could this be a personal conduct problem in the realm of security clearance?

I don’t think the concern is that he is involved in a relationship. The concern is the advances made at work. If they were unwanted advances and he continued, that sounds like sexual harassment.


To me, would my looking into his private life (found out he was in a relationship) cause any concerns for my security clearance?

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The only way this could be a problem (in my opinion at least) would be if you used some kind of official government or law enforcement database not intended for personal use.

Other than that this all seems perfectly normal in our Brave New World.


My question to you is, why do you believe this may be a security clearance concern? Were you using public information? Was this on your personal device? What is the concern? More details are needed.

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I only did a free Internet search based on his name, nothing else. However, he got a harassment case in HR.

Yes, it is public information on my personal device. Maybe the lawyer simply wants my money.

It also happened that this guy started to have a 45 mins call every morning around 10am outside the office. I started to notice this at one time when he looked for me to talk before he went out for his call. When I came back, I was told he was looking for me. Then, after a while, he came back, claiming that he was on his boss’s call. Later, I noticed that he had this call everyday when he was in the office. However, in the past, before his divorce, he always made / took calls in the office area. It finally turned out this was his GF’s call.

This is how I figured out that this guy actually was in a deep relationship outside. Thus, all his advances on me were reported to HR since I didn’t want to get involved with anything like this.

Other people also noticed that he always set his teams as busy at 3:00pm and asked me about the problem. So, different people noticed different things at work.

Could everything I did here (search him on the Internet and paid some extra attention to him in the office, thus figured out he was already in a relationship outside) form a clearance concern?

There is no reason to be concerned about your clearance unless you broke a law or are accused of violating a law, violated policy at your employer, compromised security at your employer, failed to report a reportable event, misused an information technology system, or mischarged time worked. It does not sound by your explanation that you did any of those things so I would say that you are fine. If there is any question as to whether you may have done one of the things I mentioned then report it to your security department. It is always better to over report than to under report.


By searching this guy via the Internet, I also pulled out his public dating profile. In a meeting between him and me, I clarified the relationship between him and me was a permanent pure working relationship. Again, I didn’t want to have anything to do with anybody who was already in a deep relationship. Upon hearing my words, he blew a fuse and detained me in the meeting room by words “Before you leave, give me the URL for my dating profile”, even though I had already told him that I didn’t have his dating profile URL in the office area. At the very end, I told him I would give him the URL he requested after he gave me some information about his GF. In this way, I was able to leave the meeting room without giving out his dating profile URL on the spot.

I heard that I was not supposed to ask him anything about his GF. However, this is the way that I found out to leave the meeting room without giving out the URL he requested. Would this be considered as my looking into his private life and raise any security concerns for my security clearance on the top secret level?

I have answered your question already and you now sound very juvenile in your continued inquiry. The entire exchange you just described sounds like a scene from high school and as an employer would make me question both party’s maturity levels at the least.


None of this makes any sense. Did you blackmail him? Are you a stalker? Something isn’t right here.


All the issues here led to a termination at work on me because this guy was my immediate manager. This guy declared that everything I listed here as a harassment to him. Thus, he terminated me.

This has been a rather suspicious thread in that over several days and numerous posts we are provided a trickle of additional bits of info. Now we are told it was the manager?

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NOW you mention you were fired? REALLY? I feel like you are stringing us along and wasting our time. We are not getting paid to help y’all out and are doing this out of kindness. If you were fired then THAT is the clearance issue, not all that other nonsense you were stringing me along with. Unless you got harassment charges as well… did you? Were you harassing this person? Looking someone up online is legal. I look people up online all the time, public information. I have a feeling you may have down played your role here. I would be interested in hearing the other side of the story. There are definitely things you have not fully disclosed.

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This has been quite the ride.

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No official reason for the termination is given out.

If a termination is not connected to a misconduct, it shouldn’t be a security clearance concern, right?

Never be a stalker physically or electronically except googling people online, paying attention to the working environment as other people do. However, I admit that it might be inappropriate to ask about his GF under the circumstances as the culture says.

Sorry I am done with this topic. Maybe another investigator will decide to continue with this.

I’m with the others on this one! I’m not an Investigator. However, I’ve been in law enforcement and security (National) for over 20 yrs. I’ve been curious throughout this whole thread as to why you looked into this “manager/individual”. I feel like you violated more than he did! You can’t use GFE to look up someone your dating or that’s trying to get with you. If this was Sexual Harassment then it should’ve been taken to HR immediately!

Not to mention unless you have a subscription to these ill advised background check websites, how exactly did you obtain all this mans information? I strongly suggest you back down and stand clear unless you have some hard core physical evidence and not what (ex. ABC Background Screening Company) is giving you… He could sue you for Slander and Defamation of Character! Be Wise in your choices. If all this is true about this individual he’s Not worth you losing your Clearance…

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  1. I don’t have all his information since I only have access to public information in Internet.
  2. Not ABC background screening company’s information either. Never contacted any of them.
  3. I inferred based on the public information from Internet and some observations on his behavior in the office, probably some conversations with him.
  4. Finally, I was lucky that I stayed away from somebody who was trying to step on two boats at the same time.
  5. I don’t think anything I have done here could make me lose my clearance or get cleared for a TS. And I think it was wise to reject such a person. The only problem is that he let me go right after I rejected him. So I got a termination for no reason.