Relationship Drama - Will This Be An Issue?

Hello all,

My work wants me to get a TS clearance potentially in the future. My concerns lie with on and off again ex girlfriend. We had a lot of falling outs over the past 3 years.

One such falling out she completely went bonkers and decided to get a temporary restraining order against me. The reasoning was falsified or skewed at best and was approved by a judge. There was no violence involved whatsoever, but she did make claims I stalking her and her friends (which we’re falsified) I live in California, so anyone can get a TRO for pretty much anything. We had gone to court only a couple times and I attempted to dispute her claims. She decided not to show up on the 3rd day. Funnily enough we eventually got back together a couple times after that. We’ve seen decided to part ways (hopefully for good this time).

So this restraining order was temporary in nature. We had gotten back together a couple times after the judge dismissed the case for her lack of showing up. And there was never any violence.

Now, we didn’t exactly leave each other this time around on good terms. But she told me she wouldn’t do anything to jeopardize my job. So she would come clean about everything and help me out.

So my question is, knowing this, do I still have a chance of getting TS?

Yes . . . But, you’re going to need to be completely open and provide as much documentation as can on what happened. This WILL show up on your BI and, if you have a poly will likely come up there as well. Time and distance will be in your favor.

I find your judgement in getting back with this girl multiple times a bit suspect at best but if that is your only issue I believe you will be fine. Were you charged with a crime? If not I don’t even think there is a spot for that one the SF-86. If asked about it however you need to be completely honest and forthcoming. Don’t play dumb.

I 100% agree with Smile. You even acknowledge in your post that there is a possibility you could get back together with this girl despite the issues that you outlined. My opinion is that unless you plan on marrying this girl, then you should probably choose what’s best for your clearance over the relationship and cut her loose. Even if there is no crime committed, the fact that you were a party to a legal dispute will come out during the BI. You will then face tough questions from the investigator on why you still continue to date this girl.

We aren’t dating currently.

I have a follow up question: If I decided to talk to a psychologist about events in my life, will that work against me? As long as I’m not diagnosed with something it should be okay, right? I was in a car accident a while back that was pretty bad and it kind of plagues me until this day because of my injuries years later. I would assume it wouldn’t count against me, but I’m wondering how much clout would the BI put in the fact that I have things I want to talk about to a mental health professional

You will have to disclose that you are seeing someone for mental health troubles. The way it was explained to me is typically all they do is call the psychologist and ask “Will Tom have any issues in regards to national security.” It could be different for other places but that is what the recruiting official told my class at the meet and greet.