Potential love interest and her messy past

Met a woman through a mutual friend who was previously married about 6 years ago to someone who was a suspected terrorist…he fled the country and left her blindsided. She was completely oblivious to his activities and co-operated against him once she was notified of what he’d been into. She herself works at a big company now and has since re-married and re-divorced again.

If I were to date this woman or potentially marry her, how would it impact my own security clearance if I currently hold TS/SCI? Would you steer away from this girl?

Do you really want to be a third husband?


Her name is probably on a list somewhere, innocent or not.

I wouldn’t be surprised…in this case I’m just curious if it would help that she fully co-operated and was never charged with any crimes herself…the situation sucks but it was kind of out of her control

Not anywhere close to that point, but who cares?

There are so many variables in the situation and the investigators are the only ones with all the info. Sorry for being so paranoid but how do you know they didnt let her go to see who else she gets involved with? You can always get a job that doesnt require a clearance.

I think the fact that you are asking whether or not you should steer clear of this potential love interest means you know the right answer but don’t really want to listen to your best judgement. Your call.

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Good point. Just looking to see if anyone has any similar stories and what the outcome was in terms of obtaining or maintaining their clearance.

Brain is just in conflict with another body part LOL…but I get it…just curious if there were any examples of similar cases…

I think the focus of a background investigation would be on YOUR associations, not hers. Now, if they were to discover that she herself was directly involved in terrorist activity that might be a problem… but it is not the same as having previously been married to such a person.

So do you know to what extent spouses or cohabitants are investigated then? I don’t recall SF86 caring about a girlfriend if you don’t live together (if I’m not mistaken…)

Dude you’re exhausting. Just do what you want and deal with the consequences if there are any.