extramarital workplace affair

This particular case involves two Q-clearance level employees of a national lab who are coworkers. Several months long affair that took place ~4 years ago. Betrayed spouse discovered the affair and attempted to expose it to the other betrayed spouse. Attempt did not work. The affair partner either fabricated lies to explain it away or intercepted the messages before their partner could read them. Four years later the betrayed spouse discovers the affair is likely still ongoing and is considering reporting to HR. What are the potential consequences if this happens?

I am not personally involved in this situation. This person came to me asking for advice and I have no idea what if any advice to give.

Potential consequences? A Hot Mess. One that might not resolve itself to anyone’s satisfaction.

Find out if you’re required to report this information because if you are and something goes wrong you might be accused of breaking a rule because you didn’t report it. This person has no business involving you and needs no advice because they already know it’s wrong. What advice do they need-stop it? You can’t do wrong and expect good things to happen.

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Immediately report this situation due to issue can be used for blackmail, pressure, exploitation, coercion, or duress. Do not put yourself in the middle of this situation by not reporting.