Lost TS in 2005, changed my life around

I served in the US Navy from 1999-2005 I was discharged RE-4 discharge code for drug use. I was an information systems technician.

I was stationed in my hometown and made some very poor choices.

Since then I worked in the private sector with no clearance for about 9 years, and for the last 4 years I have worked for a civilian contractor with an SF-85 public trust.

I have graduated college, own a home, have good credit. I am married, and have really changed my life around. I do not use drugs and haven’t for a long time.

Would I ever be able to hold a security clearance higher than a public trust? Secret or TS ever again? I have never applied for a job that would require one out of fear that I screwed my life up back in my early 20’s.

Are there steps I would need to take? Any advice would be very welcome.

The first step is finding a job or employer that will put you in for a clearance. Many seem to be risk-averse.

If you haven’t used drugs since 2005 then you should not have a problem, although you would need to disclose the revocation of the previous clearance and be prepared to go into detail about that.

But I think your work/life history since then would go a long way to mitigate any concerns.

Be honest and transparent as possible. In your SF86, be sure to use the extra explanation below for the incident showing mitigation for each concern.

In short its very difficult to say but I recommend you get this book as it has helped me for each grave concern you may have:

Another good book which literally will guide you step by step for each question is this book:

Disclaimer: I am not the author. I have simply used it for my SF86 due to my own background issues.

At any rate, for IC employment, particularly with the CIA, I’d say forget it.

I think you’ll be fine. Just be sure to disclose the discharge and drug use from 2005 on the sf-86.

Remember, in the clearance world, conduct that is 9 years or older is a non-issue as long as there is no similar conduct that’s occurred recently or such conduct isn’t a bar to government employment.