Lying about Why You Left Previous Employment is Never Good

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Anyone who has filled out a Questionnaire for National Security Positions (SF-86) is familiar with the section where you must list all previous employments in the past seven years and why you left. It is pretty straightforward and branching questions ask about being fired, leaving employment under mutual agreement after being told you would be fired or…

Sociopath’s always believe they have a leg to stand on and someone else to blame and a valid reason for an appeal. Then again…everyone is innocent until proven guilty. Great atypical story.

Ive heard anecdotal evidence of an employer telling a different story than an employee. Mostly these are reports on forums like this, but I do know personally one person who got laid off but thought otherwise everything was OK… until he found out later that the employer filed a security violation against him. Fortunately he got it straightened out.

However that should not diminish the message of the original post. I do know another guy who got fired for inappropriate internet usage, but was told it would be handled as a “layoff” (probably to avoid any possible lawsuits). Wonder if that sort of thing is the cause of some of these differences.

I can top this one. A Subject, DoD Contractor, reported they were fired but refused to tell me why. They stuck to their guns that their former employer HR told them to tell no one, not even the federal government, why they were fired. They seemed relieved when I said, “ok”.

I already knew why they were fired.

In the police record section, Subject did not report any arrests in the last 7 years. Even after I reminded them about having to report expunged records. Again, stuck to their guns.

I confronted them with two expunged record arrests and the fact they were investigated for embezzling from their former employer and their customers. Also let them know I was aware of their pending court trial for the embezzlement

Too many think we only use the information they provide. This is an example of why I do as much as I can before the Subject interview.

BTW, the FSO ended the interview because of the Subject was yelling and screaming at me to the point it was upsetting employees outside the meeting room. The Subject was sent home for the rest of the day. Subject didn’t show to work the next day, or any day, to complete the interview.

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backgdinvestigator, that is truly the best outcome! Nice.