Lying on Security Forms is a Sure Way to Get Denied a Security Clearance


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On this forum we have repeatedly stressed honesty and full disclosure when filling out the SF-86 application for a security clearance and advising applicants to take responsibility for previous conduct or behavior that may be of concern. Most FSOs and Security Managers grill their applicants and provide the same advice. Yet, time and time again…


In case of committing an error or mistake while filing out SF-86, does disclosure of this error during the interview with investigator helps mitigating the impact of that error ?


@wullah - yes it does help mitigate.


What if the investigaor had an old SF86?

Please see my post here: Investigator had old SF86 and not the newest and accused me?


Suggestion: search for old post that @dave019 wrote regarding to material falsification. His post had useful and beneficial information.


it depends… mainly on what was the “error” was and how you disclosed it during the interview. For instance, if you disclosed the derogatory information upfront, you will stand better chance of mitigating versus being confronted with derogatory information by the investigator.


I really appreciate these very informative replies. I have one more question about the impact of Item# 12 on the OF-306 Declaration of Federal Employment Form. I was let go off a previous job with a private corporation for not performing according to the expectations. It happened within 5 years. How does this impacts the possibility of getting a job with Federal Government?


Performance has no bearing in adjudication as long as you disclose all information.


Much Appreciated. I am filing out SF-86C form as well. This form correlates with my last submitted SF-86. Can explain the mistake that I made while filing out the SF-86 or I should only mention any changes to my previously answered SF86 questions?