Lie on first SF86 13 years ago


When I filled out my first SF86 13 years ago I left out two details. 1) I stated the number of times I had smoked pot as less than it was. 2) I did not include that I one time sold a ritalin pill to a friend (pills prescribed to me and it only occurred once)

At the time I didn't understand the main importance of just being truthful and had been scared by an interview with a different organization. Soon after filling out the original forms my clearance was upgraded and I left the information as first reported.

I have been reinvestigated since but the time period no longer covered those things and so they remain unreported.

I'm about to have my first CI poly. and it is concerning me that this may come up. I plan to be entirely honest but don't know if I need to proactively say something.


My friend, I am not an expert at Polys however have reviewed results and talked to examiners. You already failed if you take it with the attitude and stress you have just placed on yourself. Polys are very different.

Listen and answer the questions that are asked. If the question is asked about what you talked about, just say it just as you wrote it. Deception, nervousness will give an inconclusive result and warrant an automatic failure or another interview with a Poly examiner.

If not asked, your going to offer? I guess you can…