Don’t Listen to Bad Advice on Clearance Applications

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Security clearance applicants should beware of heeding advice that contradicts answering truthfully and providing full disclosure on the SF-86. Ultimately, it is you who will have to answer the mail when it comes out during the course of the investigation process. A defense contractor found this out the hard way when the Defense Office of…

Thank you for this article. There are so many complexities with the clearance process that is so easy to receive bad advice. I witnessed this first hand as my sponsoring agency told me not to include national foreign contact forms for individuals that are American/Dual Citizen. Before going to the background investigation, the investigator asked why I did not fill out the forms for the American/Dual citizens, and I told her that I was instructed not to. She made me fill one out. This doesn’t seem as bad as the situation in the article, but anyone can still look at it as I was trying to hide information. Its hard to know the do’s and dont’s of an application especially being a first time clearance applicant. Even more experienced applicants can be confused as the process and application seems to change regularly.