Marijuana usage/FBI Drug Policy

Investigators, adjudicators, anyone who might know,

The FBI drug policy states, “Candidates cannot have used marijuana within the three (3) years preceding the date of their application for employment”

I understand that if you have used during that time then it’s an automatic disqualifier.

Is there ANY chance that I could obtain a clearance even though I have used 7 times between 2017-2019?

Could I even get an interview?

Ima gonna say no. Clearly you are not within the curent standards. 7 times isn’t random, expiremental, or by accident.

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Not with the FBI, since they won’t even give you an interview. Maybe with someone else.

Have you started the process? Fairly certain one of the first steps are a few yes/ no questions, with the drug policy being one of them. Quick and easy way to weed out a bunch of people, full pun intended.


I would remain dope free and apply in 37 months. Mark it on your calender and give another month. Don’t hide usage prior. Be honest. You have to want this and be willing to live in their rule set.