Chance for DOE Q-Level Security Clearance

I am going to be a recent graduate and have used marijuana before and psychedelic drugs three times, I have an offer from a DOE lab.

Here is my timeline for usage of marijuana:
I used marijuana in February of 2018 one time.
I used marijuanaI occasionally, once a week to once a month, between August 2016 - August 2017.
I used marijuana frequently during 2015 - August 2016.

Psychedelic timeline:
Acid in the summer of 2015 two times.
Mushrooms in January of 2016.

Given this information what is my likelihood of getting the clearance, of course I will be completely honest on my forms.

Also is there a difference between a pre-hire background check and the actual security clearance? Because that would get me closer to a year of drug free use if they are different processes.

If you think my usage may be questionable should I scrap this opportunity and go with another I have at the moment to save myself some time and embarrassment?

I can not tell you the likelihood of getting the clearance, because I am not an adjudicator. However, your biggest mitigating factors are your honesty and your age. Listing this on the SF86 and being forthcoming in the subject interview will be extremely beneficial. This is a pretty common occurrence. I certainly would not recommend you scrapping the opportunity.