Marriage To Foriegn National and Denied SCI

Ill try to make this brief -

Reported relationship with Thai foreign national with possible intention to marry and accompanying paperwork (some 30 odd pages) MAY2017. FEB2018 Ask Thai FN to marry me. Visa paperwork started MAR2018. This entire time before reporting and after in military job with active TS/SCI. Ask SSO 6-4 months prior to her arriving if he needed any other paperwork or the visa stuff etc, was told no. She gets here Sep2019, married 2019, provide marriage certificate, living in US with me.Late 2019 leave service, get new job requires TS/SCI - ask about changes since last SCI etc, tell them about marriage, they get worried and check and see my application for foreign national was submitted ALMOST 3 YEARS AGO with no answer, SSO grants SCI. Apply for new job Mar2020 ask me to do SF86c I fill it out and deny me upon the foreign national aspect and the fact that there is/is no answer?

My main question is - should I even bother to keep looking for TS/SCI jobs? I feel like I tried in every way to do the right thing to keep my clearance and maintain SCI eligibility or is this instance SCIF to SCIF/SSO to SSO. My buddy left service 2 months ago, married to foreign national, had CI and TS/SCI and got read in TS/SCI where he works now - no questions or SF86c.

did your friend get married overseas? They probably saw 2 red flags: 1) they didn’t respond to you and you went ahead and got married anyways; 2) It appears they don’t like applicants to have sponsored foreign nationals especially right before application.

My friend got married in the US, same as me, on the same kind of Visa (not married prior to their arrival). I can ask again but I don’t think he waited over two years to pull the trigger. He said he did the same as me, reported and got married.

4vrnvr - Are you suggesting as I was asking, this is a specific SCIF or security officer issue rather than an issue as a whole with being read in an SCI space?

Concerns about foreign contacts can vary depending on the customer or agency involved, and even on the particular requirements of different contracts.

Keep looking for SCI jobs, make them say “no” Dont take yourself out of the game

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Thanks sbu,

I will continue looking for SCI jobs, I sent a message to my security rep about getting and answer and offered to give any more information they wanted. I am summing it up a bit to what you said, each contract gives a different requirement and different agencies can be more/less anal. Her greencard interview was supposed to be on the 15th but due to COVID is getting pushed to May but its still news that couldn’t hurt my case - upon approval she is here legally and has no criminal background etc.

Don’t really know. I don’t think any one would be able to give you a definite answer but I agree with @sbusquirrel . keep trying.

What if he didn’t report until she became a US citizen. Are they going to find out.