Medical Marijuana Use

How do Adjudicators make decisons on this topic when a person is currently employed by the Federal Govt - regardless if he/she is a contractor or sub-contractor? Do they lose their clearance and job? And how is this particular substance handled when it comes to the security forces on DOE nuclear installations?

Marijuana use is still considered illegal by the federal government. So it is considered illegal drug use.

So an employee who receives a perscription for the medicinal use of marijuana will be fired from their job because of it correct?

See this latest issuance for all you need to know:

Or how about the employee how lives with a either a legal recreational user or medicinal user and is tested positive during their “random” drug testing? Loss of clearance and job?

Thank you Marko!

Okay I read the Memorandum. So, if a federal employee who does not meet the described position in the memorandum like a construction worker or janitor,are able to have a perscription or use recreationally? Depending on the state.

All federal employees fall under federal laws regardless of where they work and are subject to the Executive Order for a Drug Free Workplace.