Military SC past drug use potential ban for life

Greetings from Poland. Hey, I just got a job at our military (as a civilian). My job requires to have a clearance. Many of my friends got there omitting their past drug use (weed some pills). I was thinking about omitting my drug use as well (weed for 4 years twice a year, extasy 3 times in my life). Haven’t taken anything for almost 2 years. However before this, I had applied for a job at military intelligence. I filled in my SC application confessing all my drug use. I did not pass the psychological evaluation so I believe the application was never even given to be checked (I handed it in to the evaluator after my evaluation). What do you think, I would prefer to be honest but I am afraid I will not pass and if that’s the case I am banned from governmental jobs for life as I had been told before. So huge dilema for me.

They have your past application on file so if you lie, you will be caught, even if you don’t lie your still in the same position. I think be very honest because if you get caught lying, your career is over.

By the way, your friends will get caught eventually, I would pick a new group of friends and start walking a better path in life. You cannot change your past mistakes, create a new future for yourself.