MORE Act would stop Marijuana Denials

Page 27, Line 6.

To be marked up in the House this week, who knows how it’d go in the current Senate. Would stop Federal Agencies from denying or rescinding clearances based on present or past cannabis and marijuana use. Notably doesn’t mention possession or sale but I imagine this would remove stress from a lot of applicants and probably result in a lot more honest sf86 submissions.

I would anticipate the clearance world taking another 5 plus years to ease up. Obviously if it is legal you cannot be blackmailed concerning use past a certain date. How many were dishonest and lied about prior use. Those folks will either lie always…and hope they do not get a Polygraph, or eventually get caught up in the deception and falsification aspect of the form. A far steeper hill to climb.


I also expect that any such exemption would NOT apply to people who used marijuana (the demon weed :imp:) while holding a clearance.

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I don’t think I will see it approvedfor cleared folks in my lifetime. I can see all 50 states approving a version of recreational and medicinal, but the Fed Soup will remain murky and put folks at risk if they use. I can tell you I saw folks throw away 25 plus years in uniform because MJ helped with cramping or other pains. Lost it all in a general courts martial. So folks who want to use are going to use.

The language states deny or rescind. So while this is very unlikely to get passed it seems to be aimed at making it no longer a drug and making it ok for cleared folks. Otherwise what would be the point of putting specific language in there for clearances? It seems like the aim of the bill is to get past the old views regarding it and having a more modern common sense approach. Again, not going to get passed but as it is now clearly states use can’t be used to deny or rescind a clearance. Now “suitability” determinations are a whole other thing that I’m sure will keep users out of certain positions.

That’s an interesting take… I think you’re right about that.

I stand by my original position. Willing to be wrong, and certainly the tide seems to have changed regarding MJ use. However, there are many who have smoked whiel cleared and have been telling lies on their clearance forms. They can lose their clearance for falsifying the form…a different animal entirely and I predict that would be the reason given. Not MJ use, but willingness to break existing law and lie about it.

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Amber, I was wondering if you had any insight on my specific case… posted a while ago at You seem to have a lot of first hand knowledge and would greatly appreciate your insight if possible :). Thank you!

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