My last day as an investigator

I don’t want to think about this stuff when Im getting paid, let alone going on and on during free time. I use the forum to find out company/agency business. Good luck though.


What additional info do you seek that you haven’t already been told or have before you on the form?

The best answer to all of your borderline trolling questions is to go through the security process yourself. Then you’ll find some of your answers, but not all. As an applicant you need to know as little as possible.


Any help is welcome, WildnCrazy, or any others. Like to forego unecessary costs to the federal government and myself :slight_smile:

I am glad you want to be involved in the process, but you can’t control how the investigation is ran. Your questions are hypothetical. We cannot tell you what happens with a source. Every case is different. The government isn’t saving money or gaining anything by you trying to control your investigation. You can go ahead and apply go to your interview and if we have questions or need anything, we will let you know.