Opportunities for investigator


Any luck being hired by anyone? I feel like the industry is slowly ending. Thoughts? Any ideas on other opportunities

I’m not even bothering to look until October. There’s nothing out there right now. If/when I do get another investigator job I’m going to treat it as a temporary job while I work on getting into another field altogether.

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I’m glad I’m not the only one with such planes

Join ACBI and attend their conference in Nov. Every contractor company will be there headhunting

That may not be a good idea to take a trip to go to a conference when they are unemployed lol

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I can’t see why not. If someone has a clearance it’s a quick in a lot of times. Many ppl have retired and/or had a hiatus in their work life.
, so looking to jump back in is not unusual imo

Right, but the expense of traveling and staying in a hotel to attend a conference that may not even be fruitful while unemployed may not be a sound financial move. If there was a guarantee of getting a job I’d already have my travel plans booked, but eh…


Tax deductible. You want a guarantee you buy a toaster…

Tax deductible

Fair enough. I’m sure a lot of people would rather use that unemployment money to pay their mortgage and buy groceries though, but you never know. If you can afford to go and think it’ll pay off go for it. I just know that nobody is hiring in my area right now, conference or not. I suspect that won’t change until October or November anyway.

Yeah seems a bit irresponsible and then I would come in and ask why you didn’t may your rent and then they say it’s because I went to a conference. Good luck on your conference though. I hope it is a great one. If you ever come to Austin, I’ll be there

It’s difficult being a reviewer too, the way cases are worked is supposed to change. Either investigative and review positions will be wiped out or change. I keep reading updates, which may mean nothing at the end if the day, and hope it’s change.

I guess if you’re strapped it’s different but I’m not in that position. I like going to network with others and friends in the industry. The organization and conference is only open to cleared individuals, not those in process

Glad you’re not in that position.