Naci sf85 failed former probation

hello, I am employed at a gs12 level and I guess have cleared an initial t1 naci background check. My concerns are two: At a job about 5 years ago I failed a probationary period of several months. I was specifically told in the final interview I was not “fired” but had failed to successfully complete the probationary period. I asked about that during the interview. I was also specifically told I could reapply to the state organization after a waiting period (of i think about 30 days). On the of306 I denied I have ever been fired because that is what the job told me. Might this be an issue? I don’t know what HR would say, I wouldn’t think they could say “terminated” but I don’t know.

  1. Will the denial of any firing be an issue?
  2. Will failing the probationary position be an issue?

Thanks very much for any feedback or advice.