SF-85 and being a terrible past employee

Hi all,

First time posting here, so please be easy on me. So I am about to go through an investigation process involving the SF-85 Questionnaire for Non-Sensitive Positions form, as well as the “declaration for federal employment” form. My recent job offer declared that my employment is contingent upon receiving or maintaining a clearance or a National Agency Check Inquiry (NACI).

My question would be, how worried should I be about being granted the clearance? My concern is that in the past I’ve left two jobs without giving them a two week notice. I left these jobs for personal reasons. Not because of any drama or incompetence at work.

Is not giving a two week notice going to affect my chances of getting the clearance?

Not giving two weeks notice, especially in a right to work state is normally not an issue. The reason you left without notice might be an issue.

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I was working two jobs simultaneously at one point. I felt physically and mentally exhausted, so I quit one of the jobs.

A few weeks ago, I quit another job after receiving the offer letter I mention in the post. I had only worked with this employer for a single week. This was a temp position for 4 months, and amid the corona virus situation. There was a rumor that someone had been infected in the office. I didnt want to catch anything and bring it home to my elder parents. I felt that keeping a 4 month temp job was not worth it, given that I could potentially catch covid and bring it home to my parents