Not providing a two week notice to former employers

Currently filling out an SF-85 Questionnaire for Non-Sensitive Positions. It’s a NACI tier 1 investigation. Not a clearance. Also not an SF-85P.

In the past I quit two jobs without providing a two week notice. I’ve left both of those jobs because of health issues. Nothing to do with quitting before knowing I would get fired, or anything involving misconduct at work. I realize that not providing a two week notice is looked down on, plus of course burn down bridges.

My question is, would this cause an issue in obtaining a favorable NACI background check?

Predicting the outcome of an investigation is never a wise way to respond - adjudication is a singular event, specific to the attached case.

A very basic start for a Tier 1

  1. eApplication.
  2. Corroboration of date and place of birth through appropriate documentation by a trusted information provider.
  3. Submission of fingerprints and a check of appropriate databases for prior federal investigations.
  4. Verification of citizenship or legal resident status of foreign born applicants.
  5. Local law enforcement agency checks at all places of employment, residence, or school attendance of six months or more during the past 5 years. Check of the appropriate criminal justice agency for details and disposition of any identified arrests.
  6. Automated Records Checks (ARC) for information regarding the applicant’s criminal history, involvement in terrorism, validity of Social Security number, education and employment history, employment conduct, military discharge, and Selective Service registration, as appropriate.
  7. Expandable Focused Investigation (EFI) to develop and resolve identified security/suitability issues.

It’s possible if you have “burned bridges” that the employer’s response could be that you left employment without good standing. Could you be hired back? If you have any doubt about that, you should include a single sentence on the form for those employment locations, which ended without proper notice, that you left without proper notice due to illness.

A point to keep in mind…

Should your future include higher clearance opportunities, this Tier 1 investigation - and any detail that goes with it - will be accessed and included into future investigations. Getting the details as accurate as possible now will help your odds in the future.

I tend to explain it this way - your first investigation (no matter type) is the foundation for all future investigations. A file is kept, it is usually reviewed, and can be compared to whatever current investigation is taking place.

My suggestion- be as transparent as possible to avoid any honesty flags.

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Unless you are legally required to do so, leaving without giving two weeks notices is not normally an issue. Consider that many states are “right to work” you don’t have to give notice.

We look at the reason for leaving more than the timing of your leaving.


Thank you so much for the response. I didnt leave the two jobs for any shady reasons. One of the jobs I left because I was working two jobs at once. I got over confident in thinking I could handle both. I could not. I burned out and left one of those jobs by quitting over a text message.

The other job, I had only worked it one week. I came to find out that someone had shown symptoms of covid in the office. I panicked, my older parents whom I live with panicked, so I put in my resignation that same day, and left.