Need advice Secret Clearance New Job

Hey everyone! Thanks for reading.

As with many, i got offered my dream job today and I jumped when I received the tentative offer letter.

Background- Joined Army in 2004 Medically Discharged 2008. Held Secret clearance till 2014 (10 years) previous employer did not renew the clearance (there was no need due to position) therefore it expired.

Got Married (wife had previous debts)
Son was born
had some debt myself nothing overwhelming (some collections but we were paying everything else current)
Took new job (high salary)
Had my daughter
Lost new job due to physical concerns
Could not keep up with debt but we tried
Took new job and moved from Texas to Illinois (job paid just enough to get by…had to do uber on the side just to make it)
Decision was made to file bankruptcy due to wifes previous debts as well as mine (Chapter 7 was discharged in June of 2017)
Credit rebuilding taking place currently (We got credit cards. and all debts were paid off in full on 2/21/2018)

The Tentative Job offer is for a GS position that says “Pre-employment requirements - SECRET CLEARANCE”

I have been reading horror stories that say an interim is unlikely in today’s climate and that even if I write down the mitigating factors of job loss and inability due to drastic reduction in income this may not even get read or be enough to warrant an interim. Is this valid?

Lastly, because the job states the requirement is for a “SECRET CLEARANCE” knowing that full adjudication could take 3-6 months is this something they would hold till adjudication? no mention of interim is required, and I feel that if given an interview i may actually receive my clearance again…am i wrong in assuming this?

Am i wrong in assuming that because i had a clearance before this “helps” me in some way or is that null and void?

LASTLY for full disclosure. My wife who is 40 has been a green card holder since 7 months old (Her parents were refugees from the Khmer Rouge in Cambodia) they died when she was 1 year old and her foster parents never got her citizenship done and she has just kept the status quo…2 years ago we went to Cambodia for her and my first time and this was the first time she ever met any of her family over there and she got her passport for Cambodia as well. While we both have them as “friends” on facebook we don’t engage in any conversation with them as they are merely there for updates on our children. Will this pose any type of issue?

Sorry for being long winded and asking multiple questions i am just really concerned about this and what this may entail and ultimately the outcome

Based on what you have provided you would not be granted an interim clearance, too many concerns that would need to be addressed in the full investigation. If you have cleaned up the past financial issues and are current on all your bills then it should not be an issue. The fact that your wife recently obtained a foreign passport after having never had one is a concern, but can be overcome as well by the mitigating factors you stated here. In short, the concerns that will come up in the background investigation can be overcome, but it may take longer. Ensure you are totally forthright on the application form and provide as much detailed information as possible.