Interim Clearance/New Job

Recently I was offered a new job, that required security clearance. I have received the interim clearance but I am concerned about leaving my current employer with out knowing what out come will be on the final clearance. My background is clear other then credit issues: back in 2010 we lost our house to a flood and it was condemned so we had no choice to move to another home and could not handle paying both house payments. We are in contact with a lawyer on the house and been following his direction on what we should do about the mortgage he has agreed that we can not pay for it and felt that we should be able to win the lawsuit that we have against the village for the damages to the house. Are plan is to pay the mortgage once the case was settled as long as it was in our favor. The next problem happen over the past 6 months, the current employer I am at laid me off over the summer which caused a major hardship and when I was called back to work I was doing ok to stay afloat but then this employer had more financial problems and the pay checks were delayed and we were paid late almost every week which caused me to miss credit card payments and I was not able to catch up with the late fees and pay the cards on time. My wife recently found a new job so now she is receiving checks on time and we since have worked with one credit card and we are hoping to work with the rest. But we are not sure if this will be possible and we may have to file bankruptcy which would include the house and credit cards. Before making a decision of bankruptcy we are working with a lawyer to make sure it is the right option and if we have any other options that will better suit us.

Also will the financial status of my spouse be looked at too?

You can probably expect to be issued a statement of reasons and a letter of intent to deny based on what you have provided. Not to say it can’t be overcome, but you have a lot of work to do in taking action to start resolving all of the delinquent debts and gathering supporting documentation as to the circumstances of each. They do not run your spouse’s credit history, but any account where you are a joint holder will show up in your credit history.

Thank you for your response. Since my last post I have been able to work with all my credit cards and have them all paid up to date. The only problem I still have is the house which I have no way possible to fix at this time.

With the corrections to my credit, does this improve the chance of being approved?

Yes, taking steps on your own to resolve your legal obligations is a mitigating factor.