New home owner question

Good evening everyone! I applied for a position that requires a interim secret clearance and my spouse and i just recently purchased our first home. Will the financial part hurt me in going for a clearance? I’ve never held one before, and we’re not behind or delinquent on any other device debts that I have.

Thank you for any help or advice on this.

Are you behind on your mortgage?

We just made our first payment on our home. All other bills are current and I have no past history at all of being behind on any payments.

Not sure what you are asking? If you have no delinquent debt, you have nothing to be concerned with.

Are you asking if having a mortgage will preclude you from having a security clearance? If so, the answer is no.


Thank you for clarifying and my apologies if I mis worded my concern. Since buying a home is “debt”, I just wanted to try to gauge how much that would hurt my chances at getting a interim and/or full secret clearance, since I accepted a contingent offer based on getting an interim. I imagine debt is a pretty big deal when it comes to these things, but I’m not behind on anything whatsoever and have never been delinquent or had any bankruptcies.

Thanks again for your help! Much appreciated.

Debt that you pay is not an issue for the clearance. Legit debt you have…and don’t pay? Big problem for a clearance. Your score may be a little bit lower due to mortgage shopping and possibly several hard credit pulls but there is enough disagreement as to that lowering scores I would not worry abotu it. If you are below 600 FICO…you need figure out what is going on with your credit. Otherwise if no other negative issues, having a mortgage…is an anchor around your neck but it doesn’t hurt you. Welcome to home ownership.

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Thank you so much for your reply! You and fed cleared up all of the questions I had. I certainly appreciate everyone’s help! Many thanks!

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