Negative Employment History Going Back Further than 7 Years

Hi, thanks for reading!

I was asked to resign by my employer further back than 7 years after an investigation that did not find any wrongdoing. (I was offered a severance package and to sign a NDA, which I declined.) I was invited back to write a research paper which I presented at the organization, and had a first-round interview for the same position I left, so the relationship has been repaired and all suspicions dogging me cleared.

My impression is that I don’t need to disclose this since this happened more than 7 years ago. However, since it falls into the 10-year period, I am still asked the reason for my departing the job.

Should I still mention it or should I say something along the lines of the tension between different requirements of the job gave me concern about impact on third parties so I walked? (This was true.) Or can I say something neutral like I had met all my goals for my job, and given a change in circumstances thought it was time to take a break? (It’s a high-stress job. All, I mean all 3 of us in the same work have autoimmune issues, I later found out.) These are technically not false.

Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

List what really happened.