Negotiating with DCSA as new hire:

Has anyone who has been hired with DCSA within the last year had any success stories being able to negotiate your salary or leave based on time in service supporting the contract? So say if you have been an FI with contractor XYZ for 5 years but DCSA wants to bring you in as a GG-7, Step 01, can you negotiate to a Step 5 based on experience and get paid time off equivalent to 5 years federal service?

@alaskaic I called and spoke with the HR person handling my paperwork. They stated that steps cannot be negotiated with this position because it’s a developmental position where hitting benchmarks have your grade increases. Pretty much if you start at GG7, next year you can be GG9, then GG11, and max out at GG12.


Thank you JP9936! I appreciate the info!