New job while waiting

I have been waiting interim for about a year now; it has become a financial burden, as my offer with company A was contingent upon receiving it.

I have been recently offered a manufacturing position at company B. What would happen to the clearance process if I was to accept and start working for company B. Will company A cancel my interim or will the process be carried out till final clearance?

I plan to annulled offer with company A once the interim is granted

Most likely your clearance processing for the job with Company A will continue until you contact them to withdraw your application or until it is completed.

For what its worth, if you have not been granted an interim by now it is probably not going to happen… have heard of some interims taking several months, but not a year.

That’s what I have been doing. OPM stopped my investigation and didn’t find out about it until March. I resubmitted my paperwork and I am taking a job to pass the time. 194 day wahooo!