New Secret Clearance

I’m a current contractor for DHS, with a public trust. I just recently found out I was chosen for a Federal Position with DHS, which I have now just accepted. I have a fear that I might get denied a Secret Clearance now because of my credit history.

  1. I have one credit card account that was delinquent 2 years ago & closed but I have been making monthly payments on it to pay it off ever since. 2. I have roughly 8 to 10 accounts on my credit report that are all paid off but at one point or another in the past that we’re delinquent due to me not making enough money to keep up with them.
  2. I have 3 credit cards now that have high balances only because I’m getting married soon & a wedding is not cheap. I don’t want to be denied for these reasons or my past credit history. Am I worried to much or does everyone think I’ll be fine?


If you are current on all acounts then the past ones are not an issue. It shows you took responsibilty in making sure they were resolved. And if within the last 7 years make sure you disclose them. If that is all you have you should be fine, just make sure not to get behind on payments again as that will trigger an alert under continuous vetting.

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I Took Out A Loan To Pay Off My Debt, But I’ve Never Been Delinquent. Is That A Bad Look?

I Have 2 Other Small Payday Loans, That I Took Out For My Wedding To Be Paid For But They Aren’t On My Credit Report. Will That Be Something They Find Or Should I Just Disclose It? I’m Current On Those & Never Been Delinquent

Weddings are cheap if you go to the courthouse. The expensive wedding is not at all necessary.

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Payday loans (or any loan) are not reportable unless they become delinquent or sent to collections.

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Honestly…my seasoned advice of 40 years here. The fact you moved to payday loans is not indicative of sound financial thinking. I understand wanting a dream wedding. Going deeply into debt on cards and payday loans is a flag to me. They want to see sound financial decisions over time. We all can suffer underemployment and do our best to keep paying. It happens. But, having that happen, running up cards, and getting payday loans is a recipe for sticky situations. Though your FICO is not technically used it can be a good indicator of credit use over time. I would stay away from payday loans and scale back spending to manageable levels. Trust me when I say money issues will get you trouble fast.