NIBRS and investigations

So after researching these forums, I found a lot of references made to NIBRS being used to find expunged charges.

After doing some online research from official FBI websites, it seems like NIBRS only pulls statistical and demographic data that has been input into police RMS systems, into the FBI database, such as race, age etc.

How can expunged charges, be found via NIBRS if names, SSNs etc are not included in the dataset?

From what I’ve learned- All police activity is found within the police records. Anytime fingerprints are taken they are uploaded into the FBI database and stored along with the criminal activity info.

When an investigation is done the FBI wrapsheet is pulled which shows all criminal activity be that expunged or not.

Correct and then we go and get the record from the courthouse! I have gotten records that Subject has said was expunged

Are you trying to hide something? If you are, you have already failed and don’t deserve a clearance.


Yes, but what does any of this have to do with NIBRs?

I understand RAP sheets, fingerprinting process and police/ court records process.

NIBRS is linked to the FBI but I don’t believe it’s the NIBRS that provides info for the clearance process.

What makes you believe the NIBRS is an info feed for the process?

There is a guy on here, backgndinvestigator some similar name, who is apparently a BI who swears he uses NIBRS to find expunged records.

I am curious as to how he accomplishes this, since no offender names, DL numbers or SSN numbers are pushed to NIBRS via police RMS systems.

From what I understand NIBRS collects specific “data sets” from police reports. Offender and arrestee datasets do not include names or DL numbers as per FBI NIBRS manual. Most information pushed to NIBRS is purely demographic and statistic in nature. That is the purpose of NIBRS: to collect and record crime statistics. It is not a CHRI repository.

I am curious as to how one can collect CHRI from the statistic datasets that is NIBRS.

And no… I am not hiding anything… I am LE and just took a class on NIBRS and am interested in the investigative potential of NIBRS.

Could they have been using NIBRS as some sort of shorthand to mean RMS systems?

Or meant N-DEx instead

Nope. I never swore nor posted that I have access to NIBRS. I also don’t post about internal processes.

i have said that many falsely believe that a court can expunge all records. I have mentioned that a lot of information is reported through NIBRS (and DIBRS for the military folks) to the FBI.

if dishonest Subjects want to continue to try and hide their bad behavior - so be it. I am only amused when they yell at me, or more recently, start crying during their video interview after being confronted with their “expunged” issue(s).


Exactly. They can say it’s expunged all day. But that doesn’t mean the court just decides to shred it and be on their way. I can say for myself that I have gotten supposed expunged records.

Sorry, swear is the wrong term, rather you explicitly stated in multiple posts NIBRS is one of the first systems used to check CHRI.

Why not just use the N-Dex instead to check CHRI on all clearance subjects. As per the publicly available N-Dex FBI manual, security clearances BIs are able to utilize an “S” purpose code to research any police contact their heart desires.

It just doesn’t make sense to utilize NIBRS.

The federal background investigation is a complex process that has a slew of parts “beneath the surface” or behind the curtain that relatively few are aware.

The agent/investigator you talk to does not normally individually research the databases and data sources themselves but is provided the information by the research specialist folks. The investigator will research the state to local records.

The discussion about NIBRS in this forum is to educate others that trying to hide reportable information through expungement or similar tactics is not intelligent. The failure to disclose will more often cause a denial than the underlying issue.

I agree… it would be interesting to know if all clearance subjects; whether up for initial or periodic reinvestigations, are run through the N-Dex database? It seems like if they were, no one would get through the clearance process lying about anything as the N-Dex contains incident reports pulled straight from police RMS databases…regardless if the subject wasn’t charged or even formally arrested.

In addition, I would assume even just using the N-Dex database alone, would take a lot of work out of the CHRI investigation process.

It would make all other arrest/ fingerprint based databases obsolete.

That would be hilarious.

It is actually uncomfortable to see adults crying.


Is the N-dex searched for all applicants/ reinvestigations? Or is it only searched if there is a flag indicating deeper digging is necessary?

I don’t even know that it is searched at all

I just offer a tissue or if they need a moment and continue with my questioning

I have asked them to leave and compose themselves.

I mercilessly mock them and tell them that their tears give me strength.


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