Background check 85p

So real quick question on background check. I know finger prints will be taken to run thru the fbi. Then on the 85p it ask about criminal history. Are you checked twice or is the one on the 85p just to verify if the finger prints come back with a record?

You wouldn’t be asking because you wish to schedule a crime for after the check, right?

Lol no, while I was filling out my sf85p I got to the criminal history. Well the day before I did my finger prints. It just made me raise my eyebrow. Being asked twice.

I don’t know the 85P the way that I know the 86 . . . But, I suspect that they ask about any criminal background to make sure that you list everything honestly. If something shows up in the fingerprint run that you didn’t disclose . . . That’s when you start to get into trouble.

That is kind of what I figured. They are so far behind, with unreal turn overs. Why or how could they justify rerunning their own back ground check. Since the fbi has all criminal records.

But . . . The FBI doesn’t have ALL of the records . . .

Touché, some records are kept in house, but still uploaded to the nics system, which is owned by the fbi. Am I forgetting something?

Mostly, I’m talking about some records that agencies fail to send to NICS for whatever reason . . . But, there are also things that are in the memories of your friends who may be interviewed.

I guess some police departments don’t always send stuff out. I forgot about so called friends lol. Like I said I’m just curious. Didn’t know if the investigator perform their own criminal history check.

There are layers of criminal records checks as warranted. FBI check is just a part of it. Municipalities, counties, military installations, and states can do an awful job of keeping and communicating records to the Feds.

Even for the sf85p? Since it’s a non sensitive position.

Doesn’t matter. Yes.

So datesnotrecalled I take it your a investigator?

Not all criminal records are reported to the FBI or put into NCIC. Typically the only offenses reported to the FBI are felony offenses, misdemeanor offenses involving violence, and DUI’s. Having said that, your BI will likely check all local law enforcement agencies where you’ve lived and work for the past 5-7 years and they will do a statewide check for your state of residence.

Dave what about the cvb? Do you ever call there. I’ve heard story’s that they don’t report. I just write the tickets, I don’t know what happens after that.