Nsa process after failing poly

I just did poly and was told i didnt do well but file was sent to adjudication. Can i still be cleared with a failed poly? Is the adjudication to determine if i get the job or if i can retake poly?

I’ve heard terms like “inconclusive” or “deception indicated” but not “you didn’t do well.” At any rate, in my experience as a subject and not as any kind of investigator or adjudicator, it is EXTREMELY rare that people get cleared without a “successful” polygraph.

Probably a blessing in disguise.

So is adjudication the person who decided if i get cleared or the person who decides on retake?

Expiredbiden, from what I’ve seen, when you fail a poly with NSA, they ask you to come in the next day to retake it. Since they didn’t ask you - I don’t see how they can continue with the process.

Im a long distance applicant.

Adjudication is the one who says yes or no to the clearance. They can ask for more information if they need it to make a decision.

I read an article, just recently, that indicated the official policy is one cannot be denied a clearance solely based upon the results of a poly. However, one can and will be denied for perceived attempts to trick the poly such as controlled breathing etc. I also, of course read, that policy and actual practice are not necessarily the same thing. Good luck in any case.

Security clearances are routinely denied based on polygraph outcomes.

I have no doubt about that. The question is whether the reason was entirely bsed upon the results of the test or was it more that something was admitted to in the test that wasn’t also admitted to on the SF-86.

Some with a lot of experience in the matter told me they will not revoke an EXISTING clearance based on an inconclusive poly. That’s not the same as uncovering credible derogatory information during a poly, but just talking about that ‘inconclusive’ result. Whatever that means.

Knew a guy who got through a poly for his contractor job and they did not pull any of his current accesses… but when the company wanted to add him to a job requiring an additional access, he was denied. Sounds like it was ‘inconclusive’ or something.

It can be a real mess.


I was a long distance applicant as well. What @Dima said about getting called in the next day if you fail the first time is still true.

I passed my first time, but they booked me an alternate flight back home that was one day later than the original flight just in case they would have needed me to come back in the next day.