Nsa process after failed poly

I took nsa poly for ts clearance yesterday and was told i didnt do well but examiner told me my stuff was going to adjudication. Can u get ts clearance even if u didnt do well on poly? Is adjudication for clearance or is it to see if they wanna retest me?

Adjudication is what they do after everything is done to decide if you get clearance. I’m surprised they didn’t have you retake the poly if you really didn’t do well. Were you told what questions you didn’t do well on? I almost feel like they were screwing with you if you didn’t get to retake it.

Also, what was your timeline for NSA?

Mine is:

8/21 - CJO
9/21 - eqip
9/21 - credit pulled
10/21 - poly/psych

I guess I’m waiting on BI. No contact yet.

And they werent serious crimes too just petty stuff like scamming ,illegal downloads, stealing food/money / streaming without paying

Apply march 21
Cjo may 21
References contacted oct 21
Poly si and pysch nov 21

She said i was hiding for serious crimes
So i just told her all the things tht i could think of after she said i didnt do well. She was gonna retest me but said no time and said everything will be sent to adjudication.

I feel like u didnt do well is the same as failed but she didnt wanna make it sound bad

That could be a problem. Check out this article from Clearance Jobs:

Decoding the Polygraph: Two ways to fail the test

Forced admissions during the polygraph (that is, admitting to stuff you have not previously disclosed) are a big zero.

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The crimes i committed were not even serious im sure millions of other ppl has done them once in their life

In this case, the issue is not the crimes, but whether or not you disclosed them prior to the poly. If they fell within the scope of questions asked on the SF-86/eQIP but you failed to mention them until the polygraph, that’s a problem.