OF-306 PIV and previous DV misdemeanor

I’ve been through various posts and while this has been discussed repeatedly, I believe my case is a little bit different and I would really appreciate insight. I will keep it simple.

I am 40 years old and I have to rotate through a VA hospital for my health care training program (non-paid) which requires a PIV. I filled out only a an OF306. 13 years ago I had a Domestic Violence misdemeanor arrest (dumb situation with yelling and no physical altercation). I was charged, I then underwent a diversion program with deferred sentencing. Upon completion of probation the charges were dismissed and the record was sealed. I understand a federal background check will likely reveal this. I answered honestly on the OF 306 form that asked about the last 7 years (arrests/convictions/probation) which the answer is a clear no.

Since then I have completed 3 graduate programs including a medical degree. I have a clean record with only minor traffic violations. I am so nervous this is going to be a issue that destroys my life because of a ridiculous situation in my 20s. Does anyone have any insight?

Note: the only background check type forms I filled was the of 306. This will be reviewed by internal HR security specialist to determine suitability. I would really appreciate insight as to significance of the the DV incident from 13 years ago. @Marko

Anything that happened over 9 years ago is mitigated by time and since it was not required to disclose that is not an issue either. Nothing to worry about!

I don’t believe you would have to disclose this on an OF306…so you should be fine.

I did not have to disclose it, but I had to do a fingerprint screening.

any updates?
I am in a similar position to you.