Old Debt

I had an account go to collections for an apartment I resided in with another individual. This collection was on my credit when I enlisted in May of 2014. The collection was removed from my credit in November of 2014. I am in training and require a TS which has been revoked mainly due to this collection. There are two other smaller accounts that I am paying on. My question is that I am unsure if it will prevent my getting a clearance if this collection was not actually paid but is no longer on my credit. I have made a payment on it to show good faith but am very concerned about it being put back on my credit because of the payment or any further payments. Any advice would be much appreciated as I plan on submitting my SOR of my intent this week.

You say your TS was revoked “mainly” because of the collection, but a statement of reasons would have been issued to you explaining exactly why. And one collection is normally not cause for a clearance denial. If you made a good faith payment after you were issued the SOR then it is not really a good faith payment, but rather a last ditch effort by you to keep a clearance. Read the SOR and address the issues in it with any information that may help mitigate the concerns.

I had five collections on my account two of which were already paid when I enlisted. Out of the remaining three, one was removed due to the statute of limitations and my question is whether or not I should make an effort to pay that collection or just let them know it is no longer on my credit. Is the removal due to statute of limitations frowned upon?

Thank you for your advice. And yes, financial was the reason for the revocation.