Panicking over Question 21

I had a CDE and I didn’t think to check Block 21. I thought they were asking about outside (non-military) voluntary mental health counseling on the SF-86. I did bring it up (he didn’t ask) when I spoke to the investigator a bit back. Recently he had me sign a release for other mental health information that mentions that I checked block 21 (look at the back of the SF-86). Am I done for?? I wasn’t trying to hide it and all the POCs for this job I listed were aware of it. Since I didn’t have a mental health issue is this even relevant?

You’re never “done for” over any one issue or mistake. I’m certain that the investigator gave you a chance to explain your answer and the error, the correction and the explanation will all be included in the report. People make mistakes on these forms all of the time. It’s how you handle the mistake that makes a difference.