Past Drug Felony & Current Options

My husband was convicted of a felony marijuana charge seven years ago. This is the only negative thing that would come up in a security clearance investigation. Since then, he’s obtained a master’s degree and a PhD, we got married and had some kids. He’s looking into careers in his field, many of which require a security clearance. My question is one that I cannot find the answer to… What security clearance levels should he not even bother looking at? I realize that security clearances are subjective to an investigation. However, surely there is a “minimum” requirement on some of the clearance levels which would render him unable to gain said clearance. As of now, he’s not applied to any positions which require a security clearance because he doesn’t want to waste anyones time with applying and interviewing if he will be turned away eventually. We’ve heard some only go back 7 years, while some go back 10, etc. Any guidance on which levels he would be eligible to obtain would be greatly appreciated.

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All clearance levels will require that the information be disclosed. If that is the only thing that is derogatory then he could feasibly be considered for a Secret, and depending on the position and agency, even a TS. The only way to go forward is with complete honesty and show that it was put behind him.

Thank you so much!! I appreciate you taking the time to help.

At the link below you can take a look at adjudication denials and reasons. You will also see cases where the clearance was granted in spite of issues. It is made easy for you because on the left hand side beneath the case number is the issue involved (drugs, financial, criminal conduct, etc.).

Thank you! This has some good info.

Just to add on- drug related charges and felonies are both “ever” questions on the SF-86. So the charge will have to be disclosed no matter how long ago it occurred.

Thanks! He has every intention on disclosing the info. He’d just rather know what type of clearance he is eligible for, so he only applies for those jobs.