Periodic reinvestigation left off my SCI

In 2014 I did a contract that required a Top Secret/SCI which I had from the Army. The company did a PR on me and ended up leaving the SCI off. Since then I haven’t been able to get it back or get a job. My wife says lawsuit, but that’s not how I was raised to do things.

What avenues does everyone recommend?

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Did they grant the TS clearance? I’m thinking that the SCI was not needed for that contract. I am not a lawyer and I don’t play one on TV but I don’t think there’s a lawsuit here.

Have you been considering relocation to widen your job search? If it has been more than two years since you were working for a contractor where you were using the clearance, that’s a problem but at least your PR should still be within scope, that could help.

Your line of thinking is flawed: a clearance, which you were granted, is separate for needed additional SCI compartment access. Neither is an inalienable right. They are based on a need for position duties. No ethical lawyer will tell you that you have a case.

Yea it was required. And I had to have a clearance until late last year for
inactive reserves. I did call them about the lack of an SCI but they said
they’d just activate it if needed. Hiring companies don’t have the same
outlook unfortunately.