Personal Loan Refinancing/Student loan Refinancing and Clearance

Is it a good idea to take a personal loan to pay up your credit cards and also do student loan refinancing after you just got your clearance?

I have not missed any payments ever but I have 8 open accounts and 6 closed accounts. I am afraid that if I take a personal loan and do a student loan refinance, it will increase the number of my closed accounts and decrease the number of my open accounts.

If I move forward with this idea, how would it affect my reinvestigation that will be in 5 yrs?

Thanks for your time.

Disclaimer: I know nothing about finances

If you are worried about closing these accounts, why don’t you pay off the balance and leave them open?

Credit card interest rates are probably a whole lot higher than a personal loan.
To me, paying off the credit card balances with a personal loan is a no brainer.
A lot less accounts to keep track and make payments on, lower interest rate…
Probably the cheapest solution in the long run.
But if you start accruing new credit card debts alongside your personal loan, this method may not be right for you…

This is a financial decision, not a clearance one. If you are paying your bills your clearance should be just fine. If you can smartly, consolidate and reduce your payments, you will be fine. They don’t look at your credit score. They want to see that you are acting responsibly and following the rules. There nothing wrong with refinancing.