Police warnings

Hello everyone,

So i was at a federal park past the time it closed. I didnt realize where i was counted as part of a federal park. It was just a local city viewing spot i go to on occasion. I met some people while hanging out talking to my friend.

Well we decided to sit in their car and talk because the mesquitos were horrible. These people ive never met pull out a marijuana pipe and start smoking. I didn’t however. A cop came by and smelled the smoke, i told them i hadnt smoke any. The cop told us if there wasnt any more marijuana in the car he’d just give us a warning. Which he did. He took all our id’s and gave us a verbal warning to leave the park next time before it closes and to keep the marijuana at home. Again i smoked no marijuana the people i just met admitted the marijuana was theres.

My question is do i need to notify security about this? I’m unsure if warnings merit notifying them or not.

Again i smoked no marijuana the people i just met admitted the marijuana was theres

According to you. Only way to verify is with a drug test, which you might get when you report the incident. Can you pop hot from a contact high? For sure. But if you were actually concerned about that/ your job/ your clearance, then you would have left when the blunt/ pipe came out.

You know, if the cops arrested you, the “it’s not mine” excuse would not work at all, unless the other group claims it.

Anyway. Good luck navigating this obviously avoidable screw up.

I would read the question very carefully and answer the question truthfully. I believe the question is " have you EVER been CHARGED with an offence involving alcohol or drugs". If you were CHARGED, then the answer is YES. If you were not charged, then the answer is NO. Again, read the question carefully (the questions sometime change depending on the clearance) and answer truthfully, but do not read into the question or provide information that is not asked for. Good luck…

Genius! I will now have this in mind as I conclude my interviews.

It seems cases are heavy with this type of situation so I wonder: is it the modern post baby boom human experience or is the government more will to consider slippery slopers?