Polygraph and SF-86 question

I’m concerned that the adjudicators will think that I’m trying to hide a foreign contact (I did not list this person since I don’t currently talk to them and I very, very sporadically–like once every 1.5 to 2 years via message on Facebook–spoke to them when I completed my SF-86). I wasn’t trying to hide the contact but I didn’t think it was ongoing or continuous and we’ve never dated or anything like that. If I passed a CI polygraph with flying colors, would this negate the government’s concern?

Always always over report. This is a lesson learned. Where is the contact living?

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Korea. I was in Korea for 4 years and had stopped talking to said individual for 2.5 years when the SF-86 came due.

Did the investigator ask about it? If not, then don’t worry. It doesn’t sound like this fits within the foreign contact category for continuing contact.

He asked about it and I told him. He didn’t seem very concerned about it and he even said that the language in the SF-86 hasn’t caught up with social media.

I wouldn’t worry about it then. You came clean. All good

You discussed it and the investigator felt it did not meet reporting guidelines. You are good. Moving forward I would report it, and indicate you discussed it with the investigator. I too lean towards reporting all things and letting the next level determine if it warranted pursuing or scoping.