Polygraph - how far back do examiners ask about drugs?

Going for TS/SCI with polygraph. All my drug use is older than 7 years. SF-86 only asks about the last 7 years - is the polygraph strictly focused on validating things disclosed on the SF-86 or is the examiner likely to ask for periods not covered by the SF-86?

It depends on the type of polygraph examination you’ll be undergoing. A counterintelligence-scope polygraph will not include any questions about drug use. However, a so-called “full-scope” or “lifestyle” polygraph will include questions about drug use and undetected major crimes at any point during your life.

Got it - in this case it’s a full scope polygraph so it sounds like I should be prepared to answer drug-related questions covering my entire life. Thanks!

Certain drugs are pretty much a “disqualifier”. They say they aren’t but they usually are.

Is it? That’s why I’m asking. I took LSD twice 8 years ago. If there are really drugs that are essentially auto-disqualifying, I assume LSD is one.

Yes, any of the hard drugs are and steroids also i believe.

Huh, that’s interesting information. Can anyone else confirm this?

It’s not an automatic disqualifier for clearance unless you’re actively using; suitability though, yes, it can be (I’ve heard the DEA is one). There are people who have done all number of drugs that have then gone and gotten a TS that mitigated their use with time and rehab.

Hell, there’s an ex heroin addict who just got theirs on reddit.