Prostitution? SF-86 & Polygraph

I’m applying for a spot with a Federal agency and could use some advice.

A little over four years ago I was on a deployment. During a long weekend my friends and I stayed together in a city. One of our friends was a virgin and some joked about getting him a hooker for his first time. We ended up sending money to one friend who then ‘ordered’ a woman to come while we all were out and our virgin friend was alone. So I had no contact with the woman. She did show up while we were away but my friend wanted nothing to do with it and the woman left quite early on without anything happening. I had completely forgotten about this incident until starting my application process.

Is this something I need to mention on the SF-86 under “In the past 7 years, have you engaged in prostitution or solicited the services of a prostitute, either in the U.S. or abroad, regardless of legality?” If I mention this are my chances gone? I obviously don’t want to lie because I’m a terrible liar but if it doesn’t fall under prostitution or solicitation I’d rather not have to deal with it. Worried about the polygraph mainly.

I’m completely clean on all legal fronts besides driving home from the bar with probably too much alcohol in my blood. (I made it home safely with no DUI) But I did mention this under the question asking about illegal activity that I wasn’t accused/charged/convicted of.

Bump. Hoping there’s someone who can provide some clarity with this.

I don’t recall this question being on the SF-86. What number is it?

it isn’t on the questionnaire. It would make interviews even more fun if it were.


No doubt!! Way more fun!

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Sorry, I actually don’t think it’s for the SF-86 after all. It is on a Personal Evaluation Form for a 3 letter agency though.

We figured it was a supplemental questionnaire for an IC or federal law enforcement agency.

What do you think, though? Is that something they’ll polygraph or a deal-breaker? How would you go about it?

No one is going to be able to answer your question, will only be able to provide speculation. You are going to have to make a judgment call. Personally, I dont think your situation is within the meaning of the question. A poly is a whole other beast though.

Got it. Thanks for the advice.

Be honest. Sounds like a prank. Youthful hijinks I’m betting you would not repeat…20 20 Hindsight and gained maturity?

Would you consider that engaging in prostitution or soliciting the services of a prostitute?

I would speak to it as a prank, nothing happened, and was done for shock value…immature hijinks. This way it is documented and will not come back to haunt you if going for a poly later on.