Public Trust clearance?


Hello, last year (10/2014) I was discharged from the National Guard after enlisting under fraudulent terms. I take full responsibility knowing that I had lied and shouldn't have trusted my recruiter. It is actually the reason I got discharged as I brought this information to the First Sargent in charge of me until I went to boot camp. I told him I lied and would rather take the consequences now than at boot camp or some other time. I am going to be obtaining a Bachelors in Public health at the end of this year and am wondering If I have a chance any more in working for A state health department and getting a Public Trust clearance? I will be letting them know on the SF-85p form about the discharge and I don't have a single other problem, no debt, no criminal or even driving record tickets. I am assuming I will not be getting the clearance though. I would still like to help Americans that need help and guidance in living a healthier life, I hope my stupidity has not ruined my chances. Thank you to any one who takes the time to respond. (Also, please no "you shouldn't have lied stuff", I am well aware and will be living with the consequences here on out.)


You did not disclose what you originally lied about during enlistment.


I lied about a medical injury I had with fractures in my face bc of a gym injury.


Well, all I can say is that going forward you better be totally up front and honest on all government forms, chances are your administrative discharge won't even come up in a public trust investigation, and if it does you just tell the truth and if that is the only issue then it would be adjudicated favorably.


But I should mention the discharge correct? I don't want to run into any more problems than I have created for myself. I was in the ng for less than two months so I'm not sure if it's not necessary to put that on the form when I do fill it out eventually. It will be at least 2016 before I fill one of those forms out.


You are required to disclose military service/discharges on the OF-306 and SF-85P, so yes, you would list the dates and type of discharge, but unless they specifically address it in an interview or ask you to provide more information that is all you have to disclose.


Yea I figured. Thanks for the help. Hopefully they don't deny me. I'll find out soon enough.