Public Trust Investigation advise

Hello ,

So I have a Public Trust investigation going on. I gave the investigator two of my colleagues number .One of them refused to pick the investigator’s call and the other told the investigator some weird things about me . Please I need advised on what to expect next.


What weird things did they say?

Certainly not enough information. Colleagues as far as coworkers/supervisors at your current or past employment? As already asked, what weird things were said about you and why would someone say them.

So one of my coworkers said I’m not mentally stable and that I cannot keep secret.

How do you know what they said about you?


I was typing the same question, Grasshopper. Ticha, how do you know what was said?

I don’t know what you should expect next. The investigator may have developed other sources that were not provided by you.

I know we say it over and over, but this process does require a mountain of patience. I would not stress over it (easy to say I know)