Public Trust Issues Stopping Me?

Greetings All, I’m currently in the process of obtaining a new IT job that will require me to obtain a public trust. I’ve never been arrested, no criminal history whatsoever, I have amazing credit, no financial issues at all. But I’m guilty of marijuana use. Shocker No, but really will this stop me from getting my clearance? Ive been giving citations for possession of marijuana as it has always been a little amount. But I’ve never dealt it nor Been charged with a criminal offense due to it. Honestly I’ve used it in the past year mostly due to my chronic pelvic pain. Though I don’t have a medical card but I can definitely go to 10-15 different urologist, physical therapist and doctors that can admit I’ve been seen due to my chronic condition. I plan to be 100% honest in my application and in person interview. It’s my bed so I lay in it…

I don’t have a response to your question, but where do you buy it without a card? Is it totally legal where you live?

Maryland. It’s not legal but small amounts as in my case has been decriminalized…

If you buy weed from a drug dealer than its probably a long shot that any government agency is going to grant you any type of clearance/access. Can you pass a drug test?

I see your logic there but others that have admitted to smoking pot and still receive a shot… I’m pretty sure they didn’t obtain it any differently then I previously have. I can pass the drug screen so that isn’t an issue for me.

I think the major issue is going to be time. It might be agency specific but I think most organizations want you to be at least a year of non use before consideration. Good luck. Maybe sometime in the future MJ wont be an issue.

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Thanks. Appreciate you engaging with me and the honesty. Stay well.

One year non usage with no intent to use or associate with users seems to be the answer. If MJ use was a disqualifier there would be more vacancies than we could imagine. A zero defect mentality gets you zero qualified applicants :wink:

That’s not true. There are plenty of people who have never committed a crime that have clearances.

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I don’t think I was clear. My point was that if “we” raise the standard of obtaining a clearance so high (zero defects) that there are very few individuals who could pass that bar…we will never fill job positions. 100 percent perfect people are hard to find. Over the years the system has morphed into accepting things that would never be accepted in the past and I believe it is still evolving with the times.

I guess my other point was that I’m constantly hearing complaints from defense contractors that “can’t find qualified individuals to hire” Specifically STEM positions.