Public Trust (Moderate) - Prescription Drugs

Hello all,

I am writing about to get your opinion on what I perceive to be hiccups in my possibility to successfully navigate a Moderate Risk PT investigation (or security clearance such as a secret). I am currently investigated at the Tier 1 level.

I have been employed by the Government (Federal) for a while now (greater than 5 years). During that time I have seen above average growth and have been given responsibilities that reflects my leaderships trust for me to make the right decisions. I apologize for being cryptic, as I prefer not to list my career field. Now that I am looking to move elsewhere, I see that other organizations position descriptions/job positions for the same GS series require different, more stringent, investigations.

I have good credit (800+), no criminal record (other than a speeding ticket in 2016 and a 7+ year old seat belt violation). The last time I smoked marijuana was over 8 years ago, as a young person, so I’m not really worried about that…never done any other drugs. I believe my leadership would speak positively of me as I have repeatedly received outstanding annual performance ratings.

The bad:

1 - I was written up almost 4 years ago for snapping at my coworkers. I was “counseled” and told that if I had no more issues on that front that it would not go in my file. Yes, I plan on disclosing this as long as its newer than 7 years old.

2- I get pretty bad headaches. Earlier this year I had two debilitating headaches that had me asking my spouse for their medication (prescription) that is used to treat the same headaches - 2 pills total over the course of two weeks. I did not think about it at the time, as I was in pretty bad pain. The medication is a barbiturate/pain reducer combo and is neither on my State’s or Federal controlled substance schedule. Shortly thereafter my doctor put me on a prescription for the same strength of the same medication that I took of my spouse’s.

This is NOT a “is it really misuse” question. According to the SF85P and every other definition on the internet, it IS misuse. I acknowledge that I did not think about it, but integrity is everything in background investigations so I have to own it.

My question is: Am I up the creek without a paddle due to these two issues (written reprimand/prescription use)? If not, how long do I need to wait before I could be favorably adjudicated on these items?

Thanks in advance for your help.

you have absolutely nothing to concern yourself about, I personally know candidates get TS and higher clearances with much, much worst files than you.

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Yeah, this sounds like a cake walk compared to some DoS MRPT applicants i’ve dealt with. One had a divorce, BK, drug issue, fired from an office and turned a full MRPT in 3 weeks. Of course she was headed to IRQ for a dental assistant position but still…

I guess my concern has to do with other things I have read regarding clearance appeals or denials— it seems there has been some timeframe people have to wait before applying either on SF86 or 85P. Some things I have read is that marijuana use is more favorably looked upon than a prescription painkiller that was misused (no prescription) for its intended purpose of pain relief (not euphoria or a high). Maybe I’m over thinking this whole thing but want to make sure I don’t walk into anything and get surprises. I’m not a spring chicken any more so I know that I’m supposed to demonstrate a level of responsibility.