Question about polygraph for security agency

I recently did my poly drug test and mental exam. For my poly I admitted to taking a puff on a dab pen after they said I was omitting something it’s one of those things I regret the most ever doing. A dab pen is a THC pen with flavor. I was 18 and wondering wat it was now I’m 21 so it’s been a while. It was the only time in my life I did any form of drugs I very much the type of person who hates anything like drugs and drinking as growing my peers around me did all sorts of stuff and I didn’t want to be in that crowd. they had told me it will go to quality assurance now and me admitting to this small incident will help my case but i dont know. In the poly do you think telling it after made me lose my chances of a TS clearance for job offer.

Yes. This is a win for the polygrapher. They caught you lying on the SF86 and basically justified their existence.


so most likely i fail it and no security clearance

your biggest hurdle is the original omission/lie.

Well I think maybe if you told the truth you could have passed. Passing the poly doesn’t necessarily mean you get a clearance if they uncover information that you omitted from the SF86 like @Rbnbts mentioned.

Thats the only thing I haven’t done much besides that incident in my life. And that incident it was one puff which I hated because i couldn’t even breathe properly after. I don’t drink or smoke.

“Basically justified their existence” There’s a lot of that going on!

Is you background investigation completed?

no not yet i talked to an investigator but some of my contacts i put were called not all

I wonder why they did the Poly first and medical first.

Not all your contacts will necessarily be contacted; and people you did not suggest will be.

The order of the BI, ploy, and medical will vary by agency and resource availability