Question about “possessing” a clearance.

I joined the Marine Corps in 2013. At some point I received a secret security clearance. I didn’t use it for anything while I was in. It was essentially for when I deployed and possibly needed it.

I got out in 2018 and didn’t use it. Smoked weed twice due to extremely bad low back pain. Fast forward to 2019 and I used my clearance at a company that I was a contractor at. Didn’t smoke weed there or ever again after those two times.

My question is, did I possess a security clearance in 2018? I wasn’t using it. I worked for a company that didn’t require it.

Also, I had a chapter 7 bankruptcy discharged in 2020. Covid had my wife out of work and it got pretty bad. My job is putting me in for a TS. I’m going to be honest on the forms as well as to the investigator but I was wondering if this is something where I used marijuana while actively possessing a clearance or not. And if my bankruptcy discharge is too soon. Thanks in advance for any insight.

Clearances typically remain “current” for 2 years after they are no longer “active” (no longer active meaning you’re no longer using it).

As I understand it, if your clearance is still current, then you still possess a clearance even if it isn’t active.