Question on Eligibility Pending

I was under the impression that once your file reads “Eligibility Pending” in JPAS, that you are no longer eligible for an interim clearance at all. However, I am confused, as my FSO seems to think that we are still waiting on my interim determination. I accepted my current position in April and was allowed to start and work on unclassified material until I receive my interim and can perform my real job duties. So I speak with my FSO daily and receive updates regularly. I know that if I do not receive my interim clearance, my employment will be terminated. Below is my timeline:

4/6/18: SF86 and fingerprints submitted
5/15/18: JPAS reads “Eligibility Pending”
5/18/18: Investigation opened
5/19/18: OPM pulled my credit

So if this could just be cleared up, are my assumptions correct about Eligibility Pending? Is my interim certainly (and permanently) denied? Or can they still issue an interim clearance after the investigation has been opened? Thanks.

If they are going to let you go if you don’t get an interim, I would assume that they know how to tell when your interim has been denied. If they do not, I wouldn’t help them.

Exactly. That’s why I came here instead of asking them.
I’ve researched a lot on the clearance process. I have read that interim determinations aren’t made until a NACLC has been conducted and investigation scheduled. I thought it was interesting that I received “Eligibility Pending” before my investigation was opened and even before my credit was pulled.

@hdub unfortunately, “eligibility pending” does mean that your interim has been denied, so your assumptions are correct. I received the same message and my FSO let me know that it is indeed a denial.

See below: "In the past the term “declined” was used in the Joint Personnel Adjudication System (JPAS) to indicate that an interim clearance was not granted; this has been replaced by the term, “Eligibility Pending.”

From that article…:

“Since more than 50% of all cases with potentially disqualifying information involve “Financial Considerations,” it makes no sense that PSMO-I would adjudicate for interim Secret clearance eligibility without considering the contents of a credit report.”

This is what I don’t understand. Why would I have received eligibility pending before my credit was even pulled?

Are there credit or other potential issues on your SF-85? Are you sure that your credit hasn’t been pulled?

My credit wan’t pulled prior to my interim denial as well

No credit issues. I had one simple possession charge expunged more than 5 years ago that of course I disclosed, which I’m sure is why I was denied. Though I thought they adjudicate for interim under the same criteria as a final clearance in that they consider the “whole person.” Eligibility pending on 5/15, investigation opened on 5/18, and credit pulled on 5/19.

Oh well, not like there’s anything I can do about it. Just sucks that I’m sitting around waiting to be terminated. I’m a recent college grad whose job field is almost entirely in the defense industry. Therefore my choices for jobs are extremely, extremely limited now, as I am sure nobody will hire me being denied an interim. But I understand that’s just the reality of the system nowadays. Gotta suck it up and move on.

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How are they supposed to make a determination of the “whole person” without an investigation when you have a drug charge in the last five years? THAT is what needs to be evaluated . . .

@hdub I understand your confusion. Based on information available online, eligibility pending means interim was not granted. So, either your FSO is confused or it’s possible that the process has changed. Ultimately, your FSO should be considered the most knowledgeable person.

How do you know your credit was not pulled? It is a soft pull, not hard, so it won’t show on credit karma and similar services.

By evaluating the rest of the material they have to work with besides just the SF-86… which includes a credit check.

I understand an investigation needs to be done and I’m not refuting the eligibility pending determination. In fact I expected that result. I am simply stating I THOUGHT a decision would not have been made until the rest of the criteria were met (investigation scheduled, credit check, fingerprint results, etc.). I also understand that interim determinations used to be made solely on the review of the SF-86, but this was changed to include the other things mentioned above. Why make the change if you’re not going to use them?

@opamp @hdub I believe your FSO is confused. The process hasn’t changed as I am also going through the clearance as of this moment and received “eligibility pending” (denial) last month.

Thanks for the reply. I retrieved my credit report last week. My credit was indeed pulled by OPM on 5/19, though it came after my file was updated to eligibility pending, which occurred on 5/15.

My guess is they saw the possession charge and determined that would need to be investigated further before granting clearance hence they denied you an interim pending a full investigation. Clearance Adjudicators are not in the business of taking risks. To put it into perspective 20 to 30 percent of interim clearances are denied while only 1 percent of finals are denied.

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Remember . . . They don’t need everything before they can make a determination. If you have the drug charge on your SF-86, they very likely don’t need the credit report to know they will deny your interim.

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That’s what I figured. Thanks everyone for the replies.

My interim for Secret in Jpass was changed from pending to “Eligibility Pending” does it mean my Interim has been denied. My FSO thinks they are still reviewing my Interim and nothing to be worried about. Any Suggestions

“Eligibility pending” is their way of saying “interim denied”, but the nomenclature matters since them saying “interim denied” would mean that you would later need to indicate on an SF86 (for reinvestigation or new clearance) that you have been denied a clearance.

Technically, you could still get an interim at any time, but this never happens in practice. You will just need to wait for the final clearance. Your FSO doesn’t seem to understand, but depending on your situation, it might not be in your interest to correct them.