Once Interim secret is denied can you reapply for Interim again

My Interim secret was denied two days ago showing the status as “Eligibility Pending” in Jpas. I made a mistake on SF86 which I think was the reason for denial. Can I ask my FSO to resubmit SF86 with the Updated answers or its too late.

As far as I can tell, interim clearances function this way: if your company wants you to be considered for an interim clearance, they have to make that clear to the issuing agency. If that happens, then your an initial report (it seems to always include at least credit history and your SF86) is sent for an initial adjudication for interim. They make a decision, and that decision is essentially final with regards to your interim. If they deny (eligibility pending), then they are not going to do another round of initial adjudication.

You could ask your FSO, but I would strongly doubt that there is a mechanism for this. You are strongly encouraged to avoid mistakes on your SF86, and the cost of mistakes is more time spent waiting.

The client Dept of state wants me to continue but they want me to get atleast public trust Sf85P will the denial for interim secret will have effect on public trust approval. Moreover can you have two applications processed at the same time SF86 and SF85P. My contract does allow for unclassified work. I have already submitted finger prints for public trust. Also can i fixed the error that I made on the denied interim SF86 while completing SF85P or the information on both forms have to match exactly. does the investigator reviewing sf85p will have access to my interim denied sf86 data. also anyone knows does the client dept of state has access to my Jpas records which my Company FSO has access to.

No it will not, Interim’s are going by the way of the dodo. It does not mean anything if you don’t get one. Just wait for final.

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To follow up on what ipsecmerlin said, interims seem very uncommon right now. While a public trust interim should be easier to obtain and it does seem possible (though frowned upon) to have two parallel investigations, I don’t think this will help you too much.

It will ask you on the SF85P if you have ever been investigated, and you will need to say that you are currently being investigated. Since this is for the same agency, there is little reason to believe that they wouldn’t just lump your new file in with the one under investigation, not getting you any closer to an interim.